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Farms, economy, and equity

If we’re going to move forward as a society, we need to move forward equitably. And if we’re going to move forward equitably, it means that we can afford the food we eat. And if we can afford the food that we eat, we have to make sure that food is grown to its highest quality. So we have to find a way to move away from chemicals. We have to find a way to be more resourceful with the land, water resources, and technologies that we actually have now.

Aziz Dehkan | Executive Director of the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate & Jobs

Feeding the musician

They wanted something besides what the ordinary chefs would bring. At this point, I had just started one of the first organic and natural edibles companies in Colorado. So, I brought all the stuff I had made, and people loved it. That was kind of how gastronomy, not only meats and cheeses and this and that, but instead the golden seals like making functional food had just expanded into experimenting with other plant medicine.

Blaine Alexandr | Chief Design Officer & Head of Curation at i3x

Functional Friends