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The L.A. Fungi Movement Explodes with Psilocybin Cubensis Golden Teachers Hard at Work in Tarzana, California

Producing twice as much as fellow farmers at Creations Family Farm (CFF), I walked into a plethora of raw food medicine smack dab in the city of Tarzana just outside of Los Angeles. Who’d figure you’d discover the most nutrient-dense vegetables, learn from inspiring soil enthusiasts, have your mind blown out ‘naturally’ and hang out with some cool cats in such a neighborhood. Timothy, AKA to me the ‘Obstacle Overcomer’ leading this beautiful adventure, and some of his farm rescue cats Raya, Willow, and Dolly took me on a journey like no other. Here owners Nathaniel (left) and Timothy (right) embrace love, and cherish plant medicine.

Especially during these crazy times, I appreciated how Timothy shared his insights in partnering with nature. This relationship breaks both physical and mental chains holding us down. Creation Family Farm overflows with spirulina, microgreen, prickly sage, buckwheat, Bulgarian lavender, angels trumpet, and much more delicious living medicine. As I sampled ashwagandha, Timothy revealed its healing properties as both an anti-anxiety anti-depression herb.

“They call it an adaptogenic herb because it adapts to our frequencies and moods of things that we’re experiencing and going through in life. They use it in all sorts of stuff. So, we grow it on purpose. This is one of the things we create and add to our mixtures of mushrooms.”

He creates all of the award-winning Psilocybin Capsules himself, while the Creation Family conducts its onsite studies with guided trips and deep oil pulling. This fantastic work caught the attention of many, including Harvard and John Hopkins University. As a result, CFF is doing research for them, undergoing a more hands-on, raw approach.

This permaculture urban farm offers mycology lessons provided by Psilocybin Cubensis golden teachers. Timothy sums it up as the “Jedi Mind Phuck. These are all ideas that help one evolve and bypass this illusion of fear. Let us have the opportunity to overcome any obstacles that you might be having in your life, such as fear, PTSD, depression, anxiety, are just living in this world today with what they call the virus.”

Boasting almost double the harvest of other mushroom farmers, Timothy credits Myco Corp, a local Los Angeles substrate provider, and the Mycology Room condition. The room is lined with EMP blocking plaster and lapis lazuli paint. Myco Corps uses a coco core, peat moss, earthworm mix. As a result, CFF gets four and five, and six lashes out of the substrate. Timothy doesn’t “know why normal people can’t get that,” instead, “they only get two and three runs.” As a result, they turn a five-pound, $50 bag into 1000 bucks!

Key takeaways of Creation Family Farms success:
• Know your substrate provider and what they are using
• The proper grow room setup promotes double the flushes
• Use “green” and clean practices

Timothy explains “Relationships with each vendor are invaluable because they have “face value; unlike the last substrate person I worked with kind of like, was into it for money. They dropped their substrate off after we gave them $15,000. Pretty much, we never heard from them again. So and that I had a lot of problems with contamination, a lot of problems with you know, I just want a basic understanding of what’s going on. And so I had to do everything myself, everything from inoculations to being cleaned up, wearing spacesuits to creating a perfect growing room with a growing environment.”

Mycology Room Challenge: How do mushroom growers address the humidity that can sometimes be up to 98% in a room while protecting the mushrooms from EMF electromagnetic frequencies?

Two-part Solution: First of all, CFF creates their very own perfect plaster for their Mycology Room. CFF’s plaster is an orgone plaster that includes ground crystals. The orgone plaster blocks EMF electromagnetic frequencies, 5g, and CFF creates their own giant faraday cage. The CFF incorporates lapis lazuli, a deep-blue metamorphic rock, on their roof. That’s why this plaster room is basically the perfect space.

Creation Family has expanded, adding a warehouse producing more fungi medicine. When it comes to the health and welfare of the farm life: Timothy is a fool me once shame on you, and I’ll find someone else who cares and can build a strong business partnership. Please visit CreativeFamilyFarms.com to learn more.