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Family Roots Inspire Cole Daeschel to Impact the Planet in New Ways

Cedar Grove Greenhouse, Nursery & Farm | Santa Fe & Stanley, NM

Cedar Grove Greenhouse, Nursery, and Farm was established in 2002 by Joel and Marie Daeschel. In 2016 they passed the baton 2016 to their son Cole Daeschel after his father’s death “my mom was going to sell the company. At the time, I was actually probably listening to Colleen because she told me to do it. I said no way! If you’re selling it to anyone, sell it to me.” Cole’s wife, Colleen, is my second cousin. Her dad Tom Keogh and my grandfather Daniel Keogh were brothers. Although the Keogh brothers have both departed, I am grateful for connecting with Colleen and her family.   

She shared her hubbies secret to staying out of trouble to keep busy, and I gave him a gold star. He and his partner in crime, Devin Keogh (Collen’s son), are always looking for ways to give back to the earth. Their agriculture goals encompass many exciting and old techniques to provide an enriched environment for their plants. I see them as the long hall farmers, not looking for the quickest way to produce. Instead, they are all about sustainable, soil nurturing, and plant-loving environments for their greenhouse, nursery, and farm.  

Around 28 years ago, when Cole was just a lad, his mother began to teach him about landscaping and how to farm herbs and perennials. Since he was born into the biz, plant growing and land management quickly became second nature. However, after taking over the family business, he soon realized he still had much to learn “fortunately, I knew a lot just from growing up and helping and being part of it. But damn did I not know enough.”   

Once Cole had a few successful years under his belt running Cedar Grove, he started his own hemp company, Santa Fe Farms. “I kind of shut down Cedar Grove, and it’s typical form. So, we could facilitate the beginning of Santa Fe Farms, which has since grown into its own other thing,” leading the growth and development of industrial hemp. Hemp reduces the carbon footprint much better than any forest ecosystem. This farm is dedicated to working with Indigenous Partners worldwide to increase climate resilience and biodiversity.  

Most recently, they have been putting more time and thought back into Cedar Grove. Regenerative farming is a critical component in nature-based solutions. With Santa Fe Farms, Cole and his team gained a bankroll in a sense to reinvest into his roots. This has helped them to really figure out what is suitable for their growing methods, techniques, and, more importantly, what is right for the earth.   

Daeschel’s number one concern is to make decisions that back to the whole cycle of Mother Nature and recreates the bigger picture that we all need to be focused on as a people. It took just a few moments sitting down with Cole and Devin to see the contagious passion and appreciation for what nature offers. As Cole picked up the mantle to reignite Cedar Grove Nursery and Farm, he and Devin continued to look back in history to discover new old processes that enhance the fields’ soil naturally.   

If you have a nursery need or want to meet passionate farmers, visit the Cedar Grove family. They will partner with you to manifest that particular order you or someone you know may have whatever size the request may be. When you reach out to them, they do not just get the ball rolling; they will get the seeds growing! 



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