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Stropharia Mushroom Farm’s Jor’ El and Sheth Schustrin | Two Jersey Brothers Fight the Good Fight in Naples, Florida

Today I’m here in Naples, Florida, with brothers Jor’ El and Sheth Schustrin in Stropharia Mushroom Farm. Jor’ El originally began farming Lion’s Mane to help his stepfather combat Parkinson’s disease. At the time, he was working on a cook’s wages, supplying his father with mushroom supplements. “I began dosing him with Lion’s Mane capsules, and approximately how much on the capsules I was doing. I started with two a day, and then it worked up to six a day. I want to say there were 500-milligrams” After doing research online, he found its way more cost-efficient to grow the mushrooms himself.

Soon Jor’ El recruited his brother Sheth, a chef by trade. They originally wanted to start a restaurant or deli together, but COVID hit. So, they took the funds they had set aside to dive into an indoor mushroom production facility because it was definitely time. “It started in my closet, and it worked out in my bedroom, and it was like my living room, then it went into my spare bedroom. And then friends would come over, and they’re like, something’s wrong with you.” Jor’ El’s house had turned into a farm.

It was time for a change. The two boys rented a warehouse to grow their business and bring delicious medicinal mushrooms to Naples. They wanted to feed the community. Sheth’s culinary expertise has genuinely touched many. They enjoy working with local schools to teach children how to cultivate, cook, and enjoy delicious, nutritious mushrooms. The kids absolutely went bonkers over the Lion’s Mane chicken nuggets!

Jor’ El’s experience with photography and video production has come in handy for their website. “That’s what I went to school for here in Florida. I was always in the photography stuff. My dad had darkrooms growing up, through high school, and then I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was 18,” like most at that age. Check out the ‘Angry Golden Oysters’ Sheth and Jor’ El produced on strophariamushroomfarm.com. The recipe looks incredibly delicious, and the video was put together just as well!

The talented Jersey brothers plan to combine their technical, culinary, and farming skills to program young minds similar to the way theirs were “Growing up in the 80s and 90s, the cheesy commercials really programmed you on how you eat shit. But we want to change that and create commercials that encourage kids to eat healthier – mushrooms!” Stropharia Mushroom Farm is up for the challenge of people freaking out over mushrooms’ taste and texture. See, the mushrooms the average person typically comes across are Button White or Portobello, the same mushroom that is just grown differently. In addition, these mushrooms are commonly farmed in nitrogen-rich manure like poultry or horse manure. SMF strives to educate the community, especially children, about the difference between typical grocery stores and gourmet mushrooms.

This operation is impeccably, sustainably run in a completely sterile, organized environment. The indoor farm smells sweet because they never use manure or chemicals. Sheth and Jor’ El dedicate holistic management practices to provide top-notch products for Farmer’s Markets, restaurants, and private clubs. “There are a couple of places that are actually like starting to use the mushrooms as meat substitutes, and not just sauté them up and throw them on steak or any of that stuff. So, we’re trying to like break the ground here for that because there’s not a lot of that and Naples right now.” They not only offer fresh mushrooms and growing kits, but they also make tinctures, powders, and tasty seasoning blends. These guys are both a wealth of knowledge and fun to hang out with, so catch up with them at a farmers’ market.