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The Future of Sustainable Living | i3x

Blaine Alexandr-Hein | Olympia, Washington

I am here today with Chief Design Officer and Head of Curation, i3x. Blaine Alexandr, how’s it going? 

It’s going great. Thank you for having me. 

Wonderful. So, if you could please just give us a really simple explanation as to what i3x is? That would be phenomenal. 

Yes. To sum up a very extensive matter, I would say i3x is a service-based company. That means solutions and responses. It’s not just a solution-based company that comes in and dissects what your company could do better, then you’re on your own. Instead, we come in and communicate with entire countries, kingdoms, sovereign nations, tribal lands, whoever is interested in exploring what we could all enhance performance-wise; to make sure that we all make it as long as we’re supposed to keep the Earth is clean as it is supposed to be. Like I said, to simplify a very extensive matter. We are a service-based company that offers global solutions. 

Blaine, your background is in Culinary Arts. How did you end up in this space? 

Food was medicine when I grew up. So, from the beginning, food just made sense to work with. We had the green rush when specific emerging industries were coming into play in Colorado; I took my traditional culinary career and branched out into the cannabis sector with a new forming dispensary chain. I was one of the first organic and natural edibles companies out there.  

In the meantime, I was working at Red Rocks at a private estate, which is a giant amphitheater, and we had just a spectacular layout. I did all of the private chef work for certain artists who stayed onsite at the house during their performances. We hosted everyone from jam bands to the best blues singers in the world. Certain entertainers asked for certain things. Once people found out I was one of the world’s first Zagat-rated gourmet cannabis chefs, they wanted to explore what I did differently. So, I showed them. I showed them the nutritional benefit of the food and the additional flavonoids and terpenes involved. Whether it’s CBD or THC side, there are benefits to all these, using the food as the medicine.  

It all just kind of evolved and evolved and evolved until we started hitting walls with the federal government and interstate laws with cannabis. Because you’re stuck in your state, we went to hemp. We invested millions of dollars into bringing the hemp industry into the next industrial revolution of hemp farming. When we got there, many people were still working by hand, pruning by hand, so we came in with the 8320 John Deere tractors and tried to mechanicalize the process because once you cut these plants down, they start to decay. The main question at hand was, “how do we preserve the hemp nutrition, omegas, seed fiber, and the flower itself?” It’s really opened up a whole new industry. And we took a bunch of early moving arrows in that sector. But we never lost faith in the actual plant medicine itself.  

Take two: we had to rethink how we would utilize the hemp and how we’re going to convince farmers who have been struggling with reasons for growing hemp. How do you sell it? So, we linked up with companies like i3x to offer a more practical solution to why they would do what they are doing. And through that, it led me to go into my art history and create digital assets for this company i3x with one of my college friends, companies (Data Syndicate); who is incredibly tied in with space exploration, with the cryptocurrency realm, and the AI (Artificial Intelligence) realm.  

I had my home base with Data Syndicate to bring something to the table, more than just a concept and more than just a solution to use hemp, use herbal remedies, use medicine as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Now, I actually have a platform where I can utilize art, music, and culture to influence people and hopefully inspire people to communicate about these solutions that we need to put into action, which is the third side of it.  

In our chats, I picked up on some of the things that are near and dear to your heart, such as, the act of service and togetherness, and organization? Do you mind diving deeper and elaborating on that? 

I think talk is cheap. I have spent years of my life talking and talking and talking about solutions. It took direct money and direct financing to do anything back then. Now you can just put something on Twitter, or Tiktok, or something, and it is a whole different world. So that inspired me to join forces with somebody like i3x and say what I can bring to the table technology-wise? What can you bring to the table that is liquid, that makes sense for entire countries to consider, or whole tribes to consider, or this Defi program to consider?  

It’s just amazing to me, the network that you’ve spiderweb within the last several months, with i3x! How are you able to connect so many dots in such a short period of time? 

Chefs, even though they are somewhat arrogant and a little aggressive in the kitchen, sometimes we are servants. We are humble servants to the people. Creating a restorative or what a restaurant comes from, and the humble servant is what I would fill that blank with no emphasis on the chef, chief design officer, charity, or anything, just humble servant. That has allowed me to have fewer expectations of what I get out of things. Things like: ‘What do I get out of it? I’m not going to link you together if you don’t get me something from it, I want it on paper, you know, there’s no trust anymore.’ And I’ve been burned enough to know you needed paper. But I’ve also lived long enough to know what’s worth just getting accomplished. Knowing that deep down inside, you did everything you could to ensure that you got accomplished without any notoriety or anything like that… 

… From chef to weaver is where I have come from. I have always been able to mix diverse groups and different networks. I went to a Fundamental Academy while growing up, I mixed with everybody. Then I moved to the south, and it was a lot more segregated. I did not get that. So, I sat at all the lunch tables, and I was student council president for like four years in a row. I liked all the people. I got to communicate with all the people. And so, from there, you meet several types of people that could never communicate with each other without you sitting in between them and translating. They may both speak English, but it is different, right?  

That is how I’ve gotten to where I am, believing in people ten, fifteen years in the making, to this point, and it’s like you’re walking down one long, psychedelic trippy Vegas hallway and the carpets have obviously grown onto the walls at this point. You do not know when you are going to turn the corner. You just keep tapping your bread into the water. Eventually, you pull out this heartbeat with all of these tentacles underneath that have all weaved together, creating a new space for us all to exist in cohesively and open-mindedly.  

Kinda like mycelium? 

Indeed. I will take that as the biggest compliment I think I’ve ever gotten. 

It sounds like you and i3x are all about feeding each other. You’ve created the membership program Origin 144 for people to keep i3x afloat? 

This is what we’re considering as kind of a whitelist sale. This is for friends and family interested in the quantum platforms that i3x has set up. Not only necessarily in the Metaverse, which there are several very, very incredible Metaverse that they have linked up with but also in the real world. And quantum heads that can create and help in ways that we’ve maybe overlooked because of whatever societal norms have come to exist in our country and our addictions to pharmaceuticals. But I’m not at liberty to get into that sort of thing. It gets me a little too riled up.  

The origin 144 membership is for our early movers, the people that believe in us the most. We want to give them the most access. We want to give them the most bang for the buck, so to speak. Because once again, I see a lot of wastefulness in the cryptocurrency community. I see people buying $300,00, $400,000 NFTs with no solution or service attached to them.  

i3x’s NFT projects, those memberships are virtual and physical hemp cards that come to you in real life. You can use them to gain access to symposiums, both virtual and physical, specific art and music festivals, and the tremendous focus on kinds of quantum frequencies that vibrate and healing platforms. These platforms have gained ministering into Metaverses to bring something quite beautiful and dynamic to something that, until now, once again, I didn’t quite get the concept.  

I’m a ‘cookie’, right? I’m a chef. I’m a nobody. And I just happen to hang out with people launching satellites and doing the most technically advanced things ever. I try to wrap my mind around it like a normal person, where I see the immense amounts of waste, I see the greatest number of solutions. Not only is this a gold mine, but it’s like the right mind. Right minds that can change things and communicate in ways we never could, even 100 years ago, and instantly. So, I want to be part of the service-based solution industry that is for people not to change what they are doing. But just to simply do it a little differently.  

Since you spearheaded the NFT-inspired Defi reward distribution platform can you kind of tell me more about it and how it works? 

The team that built the platform deserves all the credit. I simply came in and created an NFT, some art, and concepts to basically put all of their hard work in the palm of our community’s hands. And so, with Origin 144, for instance, those members will have access to whitepapers that will allow them to understand what we are really getting at and what we’re trying to achieve. By coming on as an investor in the company, they actually own a part of the company and are being part of the solution and a part of the service. We are not just out there, taking money from people and saying hopefully, something happens here. This is like, let’s put it to work. Eventually, we want to design NFTs that will actually say something physically on them. But right now, yes, the money goes to certain projects diversified 1000 ways. But when the NFT actually starts, when you buy the NFT, you send 10,000 bottles of water to where maybe it’s a little bit more worth the energy that it uses. And it reached a network of people that you could have never reached in a traditional gallery.  

In regard to given galleries, we are offering asset backed NFTs with real art. These act as your ownership, you are legislating, your digital copy saying that isn’t this title belongs to you. Music with traditional art, whatever it is, right? So you actually have a physical component to this NFT. We are working with a brilliant visionary artist named Eva Avione. She donated $22 million worth of masterpieces for us to start to create this asset backed NFT world where these things act as deeds, titles, and legal documents to some degree, whether it’s just a simple QR code that takes you to the legal document or whatever.  

It’s still this reason of what does it actually do? What is the utility of it? Does it just sit there on your screen with like a hat and sunglasses on? Or like, what does it represent? And I think that the difference between our projects and the rest is like, meta, it’s kind of dark. These things are kind of vapid. They don’t really have a utility. Whereas every token we’re working with, whether it’s the i3x protocol, that is directly tied into the space launch, these things can control things like imagery for durations of time, color, whatever it is. These tokens have utility. These NFTs have real art backing them up. They have real purposes. They have real utility. And if you don’t have it, then I feel like maybe you should come talk to i3x and figure out how you could get a solution or a service to just gently alter your vagrancy so you can actually have an impact.  

I’m just not seeing any multibillion-dollar NFT collection helping rebuild things like Notre DOM. You know, I’m not seeing the humanitarian aspect of how this is functioning in the real world to help real world problems. That that I want to bring. Origin 144 is our first step into bringing a community together that has a quantum healing platform that addresses people’s mental health and gives them a clear, clean space to do some meditation. That’s what we’re hoping for.   

So, you are completely blowing my mind. You also mentioned satellites. I believe there’s something coming up here in September. 

Right now, September is the new launch date for my dear friends. One of which, Conner, he’s been instrumental in taking me from a mindset of “”like, oh, I have to have my fingers in the dirt to make an effect”” to, “”no, dude! You can create this whole platform and reach all the people. Who do you know that you could plug into this? And so forth.” He himself is a magnificent wizard of weavers, and he is the CTO and Founder of Data Syndicate. Data Syndicate is handling a majority of all of the protocols for i3x. i3x is essentially one of the Greek tokens that Geometric Energy has put out. The Greek tokens are what pay for your time and space. And what I mean by that is, you can go online and you could look up the DOGE-1 rideshare mission.  

Elon Musk tweeted, “SpaceX is going to put a literal Dogecoin on the literal moon.” They were the first group to pay the first use of exploration in cryptocurrency. Okay, so now we’re seeing some utility. You can now pay for space exploration and cryptocurrency. That’s interesting. Okay. There still are fearsome solutions that we could bring to it, but it’s a utility nonetheless.  

Geometric Energy and Data Syndicate have put together a whole platform and the service to go along with it. The satellites that they’re releasing are tied into satellite phones, which you could use the xi protocol to buy minutes. These satellite cubes that I’m speaking of are literally cubes of LED lights that are for the first launch, the Lunar launch.  

Some of the biggest crypto NFT socialites have already joined the platform, and They’re going to essentially be broadcasting their favorite NFTs from the satellites in orbit. You’ll have live feed back down to earth, and you’ll be able to see your NFT in space, which is one part. It’s the novel part of what they’re doing out there with the actual oracles, helping with anything from weather prediction to anything else. These oracles are set up to essentially predict weather patterns using every barometer and temperature gauge across the entire world to compound all that data, then send it back to the Farmer’s Almanac, or whatever the new version is. And the farmers will be able to consider what would do best during the seasons with this new information having come to light.  

It’s a lot. It’s got some fun art side; then it’s got the service and the utility that I am looking for, and energy use heavy scene. How can we use that energy at least properly until we have full solutions?  

That is a really cool example of how quantum technologies affect food and beverage production. Do you have any other reasons? 

With microgreens right now, I wouldn’t say it’s quantum technology, but it’s certainly programmed robotic technology that has allowed them to create vertical farms in a 10,000 square foot facility comparable to probably hundreds of acres of actually grown food. So with the quantum side, the blockchain ledger is making sure that people are being accountable and have the product on shelves that they say they have. These types of things are what we are genuinely looking to really clear up with this whole blockchain supply chain crisis. Once again, please keep in mind that I’m just a cookie. I mean, to truly understand the complexity of what the blockchain could bring to the supply chain that’s already happening, I would love to bring on some of my friends who are actually the ones doing it.  

But the quantum side of utilizing frequencies and sounds is not just for humans. We’ve all heard of What is the Science of Plant’s documentaries, dating back to the late 60s and early 70s, that spoke to the fact that the plants communicate via whatever frequency hormone, tone, or whatever it is. And then, of course, you have all the weed heads from High Times playing rock music to their weed plants, and they’re like, ‘didn’t do well.’ You know, they like classical music. And it’s like, Well, okay, that’s pretty vague. What inside of classical music do they like? What is that? 111 hertz? What is it? Is it 333? Is it 999? What is it?  

So that’s kind of as far as I go, just being on the artistic, creative director side. That conversation deserves its own segment, with real PhDs or real sciences to let people know the significance of if we can manage the power needed for these types of programs and projects. It actually makes a tremendous amount of sense, right? Without it, it’s a little shaky. I understand that it’s another new emerging industry.  

But we’re racehorses, we have blinders on, and we know what we know. We know about the technology at hand, everybody’s fusion-fission. They’re all over the place. We know that it’s right there. You know, we’re on the cutting edge with some of those very people who are developing this technology saying, “How can we implement it? Oh, we can do all this with water remediation, we could do all this with, you know, creating waste management centers, creating some sort of medical facility in places that, you know, may not have the best chances of having a grid; to tie into.”  

It’s just so amazing how diversified i3x is with different types of projects; from algae, industrial hemp, to holistic medicine… Can you give me an overview of just some of the favorite projects that you’ve been involved with as far as plant medicine and algae sectors go? 

Growing up with a completely homeopathic family, I remember my aunt and uncle talking about how they felt like their phones were tapped just because they were talking about potential cancer cures within the homeopath network. Then you follow the stories of rooms full of very esteemed doctors all being poisoned talking about this cure. It just is creepy.  

It’s always kind of inspired me to dig a little bit deeper because why wouldn’t they just want the common knowledge that was known 1000s of years ago to be known now? So I dig, and I dig, and I wrote a small encyclopedia to inform myself about the ancient traditions, both arithmetically and worldwide. And that was my direct tie in to using specific cannabinoids and organoids, and then an infusion of an ancient era, Vedic herb blend. I don’t just have like, one size fits all. I mean, you got through this encyclopedia and typed in headache; it’s going to bring up lavender and all the other things. You type in sore throat, immune system, COVID system, blah, blah, blah. It’s all right there. And this. Yeah.    

The concept is, in one day, I’ll do a new product launch. And it’ll be like one of those little builder bears where you would go in and put a sweater on this thing or whatever. Essentially, you would just be able to type in exactly what I just said; headache and the encyclopedia will be at your disposal. It’s once again to inform people that there’s a key and a lock. You can’t just have a key that gets you nowhere, and you can’t have a lock that doesn’t let you in. You have to marry them. So, for example, when utilizing different cannabinoids, whether THC or CBN, it’s about backing that endocannabinoid system up with an actual purpose. So is it for immunity? Is there for your nervous system? Are you trying to fight an ailment? Are you trying to just do your best at getting through whatever you’re going through without grabbing a bottle of Advil or a Vicodin or whatever your doctor told you to take?  

That’s one thing, and then the food and the medicine aspect comes back into play. What ‘they’ call intentional eating, that’s everything. So you see these companies proposing to increase soil growth by 80%, feed animals, and feed humans. And it’s like, okay, maybe back in the day before, we had a lot of research that would have flown, but now we know how much water it takes to grow this, how many pesticides are involved, how many genetically modified organisms are involved, etc. And now we’d say, why not use something like algae? Why not use algae? It’s sustainable. It does not take 10s of 1000s of gallons of water to grow. So it can be pretty much grown wherever you can create the climate, right? It’s a great source of protein. It’s a great source of omegas, different vitamins exist different micro minerals, and micronutrients. I mean, it’s a perfectly feasible addition to any menu. Same with mushrooms. Not only do they clear up everything, but they’re an awesome source of protein. Just with those two, you’re good to go.  

During my Functional Ingredients and Sustainability Tour, I learned some cool things about farming mushrooms. For example, I learned in Tarzana, California, that mushrooms not only like music, played at a certain frequency, which is something you mentioned earlier, but they grow better in an environment that is EMF protected. This particular farmer made plaster and put it on the walls, the ceiling, and the floor of the room where he was fruiting his mushrooms. Are you familiar with any of that? ” 

I think we all grow better with EMFs. Unfortunately, I have two cell phones, I have televisions, and I have all the same things that everybody is dealing with. I’m not off the grid right now. I wish I were, and I soon plan to be. But I’m on the same grid everybody else’s on, and it’s scary. And it only makes sense that those EMFs are distracting growth practices. At one point, mushrooms were the ones creating electronic pulses throughout, all over the world, gigantic pulsing glowing mushrooms all across communicating, a line, vast network. And now we’re surrounded with 5g towers and all of this stuff. I heard that mushrooms speak in a specific language. They’re really going in-depth now that there’s a pharmaceutical, nutraceutical potential to psilocybin, other mushrooms, and other compounds. They’re finding it much more valuable than when it was just food or something else.  

So we’re starting to see all that science come out that says look at what it’s doing to this oldest organism on Earth, the mushroom; let’s get rid of some of the EMF interference around our schools, around our children, and around this and that. So maybe those little mushrooms can be the inspiration for some real change on those types of things. But once again, I’m no mycologist. I love hearing that they have a language that they communicate with each other, and the network is being observed. However, they’ve grown up in a nondenominational Christian family I knew nothing I’m practicing currently or any real religion at all. But I knew that it just checked that mustard seed of faith. This is one thing I took from the church, indeed, just that mustard seed of faith. I always knew the plants communicated. I always knew they screamed. I didn’t need a doctor to tell me that he saw it on one of those spectrometers that the plants scream, and so on.   

Light cities, you guys have robotic farm systems in these light cities? 

Andromeda is one of these lights. And once again, you’re on the precipice of reality with this stuff. It’s about how do we scale; how do we get bigger? How do we benefit the human aspect, the human experience from a quantum semi-robotic community? It’s not like you come in and automate everything because then you have hundreds of thousands of people in a community without work. We want to figure out a way of life being work where expenses are viewed differently.  

Not that everything is on a barter system. We’re not like a Burning Man Festival, which I love and respect the communities it works for. But as an inspirational token, that sort of what you’re living and experiencing that whole time you’re there. That is what life could be like. 

It shouldn’t be how can we break our back to afford gas barely, to be able to drive back and forth to work, to barely afford where we live, which is more like where we sleep because that’s all we do there. And then we’re back at work trying to survive.  

It’s an inspiration. It’s something that I look forward to seeing progress. It’s a new concept that is evolving every day, and we look forward to doing press releases with you and Access, and everybody else we’re working with when these things come more into play. But the concept is allowing life to be the work aspect. Surviving is dated.