The Future of Sustainable Living | i3x

I would say i3x is a service-based company. That means solutions and responses. It’s not just a solution-based company that comes in and dissects what your company could do better, then you’re on your own. Instead, we come in and communicate with entire countries, kingdoms, sovereign nations, tribal lands, whoever is interested in exploring what we could all enhance performance-wise, to make sure that we all make it as long as we’re supposed to keep the Earth is clean but supposed to be. Like I said, to simplify a very extensive matter. We are a service-based company that offers global solutions. 

Who’s Your Pal in Portland, Oregon?

Pals Mushrooms is having to pivot in order to keep the business afloat. They had been farming for years, invested a couple hundred thousand, but ran into costly operational issues. Jeremiah McCoy, the farm manager, is working with the team to get the operation on track. They are stepping away from gourmet mushrooms and stepping into medicinal psilocybin mushrooms.

Hunters Foraging PNW Wild Mushrooms | Vancouver, Washington

Fortunately, Dena and Charlie of PNW Wild Mushrooms had a bit of time to share with me today. They usually work steady seven days a week to provide foraged fungi and plants across the United States. In fact, not only was I able to meet these incredible foraging fungi legends, but they also sent me home with a large sample bag of treasures from the Pacific Northwest forest. 

Skagit Gourmet Mushrooms are All About that Substrate

I was already interested in another type of farming called aquaponics. And I went to a farmers’ market. There was a mushroom table at the farmers’ market. I had a bunch of questions about it because mushrooms are cool. And people are kind of drawn to them and interested in how to grow them, how to eat them. I had general questions for them, and they actually didn’t have any answers for me

Brilliant Luminari Flow Hood Design | The Sky is the Limit for Fungaia

Welcome to the boiler room. This is one of the oldest wooden half-pipes, at least in these parts. It was built in 2004 by my former employer at the Walla Walla Roastery. And this is where the skaters of Walla Walla come to test their metal. I run it as a donation-based skate Co-Op, and the airport is good enough to let us use this space, which I also run my business out of. I’ve got a sterile culture laboratory here, and I produce liquid culture for mushroom cultivation, which I sell on the internet.

Jonathan and Sundown are Carving the Path | The Finest Mushrooms in Walla Walla, Washington

Washington State’s, Walla Walla’s top gourmet mushroom manufacturer, Chesed Farms, is a fantastic producer. Jonathan Garrett and Sundown Hazen run a clean, tight operation focused on blessing the community with lovingkindness and nutrition. Prior, Sundown worked with a non-profit to build a greenhouse for schools where kids learned to produce local food. The two gentlemen collaborated to take that concept and turn it into a commercial-level system.

First Time Visiting a Mushroom Farm! | In Paul Stament’s Hometown

Although I was already excited – Skokomish Ridge Mushrooms Growers Cooperative more than exceeded my expectations! Last week, on a gorgeous winter afternoon, I pulled into the Sanderson Field Airport Business Center to visit a mushroom farm. While the sun beamed, without a cloud in the sky, hip-hop beats boomed from inside Skokomish Ridge Mushrooms’ large warehouse. The owner, Rebecca Minna, greeted me with a big smile and invited me into a labyrinth of organic mushroom cultivation, taking me to an entirely new world.