Alta Vista Botanical Gardens | Vista, California

Alta Vista Botanical Garden (AVBG) is an interactive living classroom designed to ‘bring together people, nature, and art.’ It is atop the heart of Brengle Terrace Park in Vista. A volunteer board has run the property for about 20 years. They pay $1 a year for it and raise all the money for the 14 acres to pay the monthly $4,000 water bill. Most of everything is on drip systems because they want to conserve water here in Southern California.

Master Chef, Mushroom Farmer, Hollywood Attraction

According to Food and Wine, “there are only 66 current Certified Master Chefs in the USA. Those who take the exam train for months if not years, working not only to hone their culinary skills but also to ensure they are in peak physical condition; it’s that taxing.” This man is one of them! I was in LA hoping to interview him at a farmers’ market, but he was swamped. So, I am lucky to catch him today! 

Family Roots Inspire Cole Daeschel to Impact the Planet in New Ways

Cedar Grove Greenhouse, Nursery, and Farm was established in 2002 by Joel and Marie Daeschel. In 2016 they passed the baton 2016 to their son Cole Daeschel after his father’s death “my mom was going to sell the company. At the time, I was actually probably listening to Colleen because she told me to do it. I said no way! If you’re selling it to anyone, sell it to me.” Cole’s wife, Colleen, is my second cousin. Her dad Tom Keogh and my grandfather Daniel Keogh were brothers. Although the Keogh brothers have both departed, I am grateful for connecting with Colleen and her family.   

Desert Pearl Mushrooms University of Arizona Alumnus Appease the UNESCO Palate of Tucson, Arizona

Today was a short and sweet visit with John De Lorenzo, co-founder of Desert Pearl Mushrooms. John originally locked arms with fellow University of Arizona alumnus Jorge Sepulveda, Trevor Mock, and Kris Savage to grow and sell delectable culinary and medicinal mushrooms to southern Arizona. During our quick visit, we covered the ins and outs of their streamlined operation: 

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The Realm of 52 Remedies popped up on my radar today during my search for a restaurant that featured functional ingredients in the food and beverage program. Filled with excitement and suspense, I paced back and forth in front of address 4805 Convoy St looking for any sign of a speakeasy, with no luck. Reluctant, I opened the doors to Common Theory Public House, a new American style bar, where 52 Realms was supposed to be, I spoke with the host, and she said she could squeeze me in! Confused, I ask, “This is the Realm of 52 Remedies?”. She laughed and said it was in the back.

The L.A. Fungi Movement Explodes with Psilocybin Cubensis Golden Teachers Hard at Work in Tarzana, California

Producing twice as much as fellow farmers at Creations Family Farm (CFF), I walked into a plethora of raw food medicine smack dab in the city of Tarzana just outside of Los Angeles. Who’d figure you’d discover the most nutrient-dense vegetables, learn from inspiring soil enthusiasts, have your mind blown out ‘naturally’ and hang out with some cool cats in such a neighborhood. Timothy, AKA to me the ‘Obstacle Overcomer’ leading this beautiful adventure, and some of his farm rescue cats Raya, Willow, and Dolly took me on a journey like no other. Here owners Nathaniel (left) and Timothy (right) embrace love, and cherish plant medicine.