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Jentzen Farm | Monroe, Michigan

Jentzen Farm is a four-generation farm based out of Monroe, Michigan. They procure over 50 items under sustainable practices. Parts of the fields are cover crops as a means to give back to the soil. “The field never looks the same from one year to the next, as a result of crop rotations, and allows for maximum use of soil nutrients. Different crops use different nutrients and are also at risk of different disease cycles. This rotation allows for two to three years of production before the soil is rested.” 

Danielle: Typically, what type of plants do you grow at Jentzen Farms? 

Bob: We have perennials, herbs, and vegetable plants, and we’ve also got chickens. We do double-breasted broilers. 

As far as your farming practices go, are you certified organic? 

We are sustainable. We are surrounded by general farmers and crop farmers. We can’t really be certified organic because you get carry-over stuff, so we practice sustainability. We use natural fertilizers manures. We go out to Ionia (Michigan) and get chicken manure pellets that we use (as fertilizer). 

What’s the day in the life at Jentzen Farms? 

No rest, we work 10-to-12-hour days or longer, especially during the peak season.  

Seven days a week? 

Seven days a week, because the animals need food and water every day. 

Has your farm-grown over the years? 

No. It is about the same size. We relocated from Macomb County to Monroe County. We picked up a few more acres down there, but it’s been the same size. Pretty much. 

You must be passionate about farming then? 

I am! It’s a lot of fun. It’s a lot of work, but it is a lot of fun. 

All right, Bob, what is your favorite part about farming? 

Um, I enjoy the spring with all the plants and stuff like that. 

What is the most challenging part for you? 


Anything new going on at your farm these days? 

We are now just getting started back in the greenhouses again. We started seeding a bunch of herbs already, we’ve started seeding onions for spring or for fall, summer onions. We’ll be doing about five and six days a week right now in the greenhouses, you know, just getting everything started as far as for plants and stuff and seeding, 

Which farmers’ markets do you participate in?  

We’re at the Detroit Eastern Market, and we do the Monroe Farmers Market and the Solito Farmers Market on Saturdays. 

Do you provide vegetables to grocery stores as well? 

No, we do not. We’re not that big to do that. We just do basically two farmers’ markets and we do you have a farm box program or a CSA program. It’s the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and you basically buy a share of the farm to get produce for 16 weeks. That’s whatever is in season or stock. 

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